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DO YOU GUYS HAVE THEM?? - Yes, we do...

From: Steven Dean
Date: July 10, 2001


Oh yeah, we have them too... I am originally from the North East United States but have spent most of my adult life between North Carolina and Florida. It seems to me, and maybe some other guys can debunk or back this up, that the situation is much worse in the Southern U.S. States than the rest of the country. I pass unrestored, never to be restored Mopars everyday. What is it about the South... Lazy, Lack of Funds...??? who knows. In North Carolina alone I know of a guy that has DOZENS of old Mopars and they sit and sit and sit...yet he won't sell a screw off one of them, let alone a whole car... I stopped and asked him repeatedly. He always comes back in that long southern drawl... "Yeeep...well... Ima gonna git around to restoring them wun of these dayes..." Yeah right... His own wife admitted to me they'll all go the day he's gone...Probably to the crusher too... I just don't know...Let's start a "Donate a Mopar to a Worthy Entusiast" cause...


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