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Why are these Plymouths undervalued??

From: Dean
Date: July 10, 2001


I am realy into the '57 and '58 Plymouth Belvederes and Furys and Ive noticed something recently. The cars are VARY rare to find in nice shape (or in any condition realy) and everybody wants one, so why are they so under valued? A Plymouth Savoy or Plaza in OK condition (ok to drive around town in) is usually around $2500-$5500. A belvedere in the same shape are from $6500-$10000 and Furys usually are $15000-$20000 in nice shape. The thing is, there so rare its hard and VERY expensive to get parts to restore one. For example, you could buy a realy beat Belvedere for $2500, easily put $10000 into it, and then you have a car that is only good for drivin around town in and not realy a perfect "show car" or anything that is only worth about $7000-$8500 if that. It seems that if you plan to do a complete restoration of one of these cars, that youll end up doing it because you like the car and not realy for investment reasons.


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