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Yes,there was a cassette version of the 1983 soundtrack

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 10, 2001


The original motion picture soundtrack was issued in 1983 on Motown Records on LP and cassette. The catalog number for the LP is 6086 ML. The cassette was likely 6086 MC,but since I NEVER EVER bought prerecorded cassettes (VINYL RULES!!),I don't know that for sure. The LP,I do,because I still have it! The LP has ten of the oldies that you hear in the film,and one John Carpenter score song. The 1983 soundtrack remains unissued on CD.

Now when they said the "soundtrack" was never on cassette,they are referring to the 1989 Varese Sarabande "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Score",which is not properly a soundtrack but a score. (A score is the background -incidental-music for the film,a soundtrack has 'foreground' music -featured songs-). The Varese score was/is CD only. The score has the John Carpenter electronic-type background music,pioneering in its own right because some of it would fit right in at raves today,no joke! The catalog number for this CD is VSD-5240.


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