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Descendant of Christine

From: John Z
Date: July 11, 2001


A couple years ago we had a company gathering at a local pizza joint. I got there early and parked my '80 Dodge shorty van and went inside. Several minutes later a fellow employee walked up to me and said my van just scared the willies out of her. As she walked by it the headlites flashed on and off. Actually what made it do that is that earlier in the day I had to remove the battery to use it to start a backhoe and when I reinstalled the battery I just pushed the cable connections on without tightening them, hence a loose connection. What made the headlites come on is that when I was backing into the parking stall the van just happened to shut off as I was backing (due to loose battery conection) and I had headlites on and neglected to push headlite switch in and later as she walked by, cables just happened to make a connection, creating a Christine moment. I don't drive the van anymore, she's parked in the back 40. Still starts and runs good but kind of rusty. Maybe one of these days we'll revive her.


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