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Nature of the beast

From: Brian Cooper
Date: July 11, 2001


The nature of the beast of auto restoration. You very VERY rarely get what you have in a car when you sell. Yes, it can be quite expensive to build a Forward Look car, any Forward Look car. I don't know for fact, but I would thing letter cars and Imperials are the most expensive to restore. If you want to restore a car for profit, or at least break even, look into sixties rustanks. I have a buddy that gave up because he is too cheap to finish his 65, and I totalled everything he needed to finish the car with the exeption of motor work and he needed $3K. That includes interior, suspension, chrome, electrical, fuel and brake systems being replaced entirely, and having the bodywork and paint done by us. So he could have spent another grand on the motor, and two or three for a decent paint job by a pro shop. All of this on a car he bought for $1200. So he would have less than $6K in a car worth $11K around here. Now I have $3K in my paint, and I couldn't get that for the whole car on my 57 around here since it is a four door sedan. These cars are not undervalued, it just costs a lot to fix one up. But if you really want to see expensive, look at first generation Camaros or any British car. I have had a British car, and threw money at that hunk of crap that NEVER ran right, and my wife has a fortune in her 69 RS/SS big block Camaro. It takes $1K just to get the hideaway headlights working on that car. Try looking at a third gen vette parts catalog sometime, it will make you sick, but glad you don't have one.


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