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Thoughts about the restoration hobby

From: Boyd Crompton
Date: July 11, 2001


After 25+ years enjoying the hobby of restoring old cars I have learned a few things. Never go into a resto project hoping to make a ton of money on the resale! It just doesn't happen. Only in rare cases where a certain buyer really wants the car and has the money to afford it. You must decide for yourself what you want to do with the vehicle. Do you want to show the car? Or, do you want a fun car to cruise around in. Try to do most of the work your self. There are books available on almost any subject related to auto restoration. I have resored cars to show quality and also done a few to use as a driver for enjoyment. Showing a car and winning can be a very satisfying experiance. But be prepared. You have got to have a pretty thick skin because you will hear some negative comments about your pride and joy while its being judged. Myself, I do not restore cars for show anymore. I have found it much more relaxing to put together a nice car for the family and myself to enjoy driving around in. Not to mention far less expensive since I don't have to worry about the car being 100% correct. We still take our cars to shows but just for the pure enjoyment of it and not the stressful competition. And, I no longer have to worry about getting a rock chip in my 10K paint job and having a heart attack !! Beleive me it will happen even at car shows. Its just a matter of how much you can afford and what your individual capabilities are. well, thats my 2 cents worth. Boyd Crompton and family 58 Belvedere 2 door in San Antonio, TX


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