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I also "settled" on a nice  '58 4-dr. Sedan

From: Steven Dean
Date: July 11, 2001


Cool..on the sedan... I too, had for years now, been only looking for that perfect two-door, and even years ago passed up on a clean 2 dr sedan because it had to be a hardtop. But a year ago a very straight and clean '58 Plymouth Savoy 4dr. sedan kinda found me believe it or not. It was about 300 miles away and I actually walked away from it the first time I went to see it...Just because of the extra doors....But the damn thing haunted me...It was in such well kept shape, and at $2,500...I just couldn't let it go, so I went back. After a tune-up and a little cleaning, the thing totally grew on me.. I tell you, I've owned alot of hot rods, and this car gets some serious attention, extra doors or not... I still own my '72 Roadrunner clone and it doesn't get half the looks, stares? , that this '58 gets. It's not a show car, will never be a show car, It'll never be perfect, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it...


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