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From: alumcan
Date: July 12, 2001


THE WINNER OF THE CHRISTINE TRIVIA SONG QUESTION!! DAVEN, HOW DO YOU FEEL BEING THE ONLY WINNER OF THE CHRISTINE SONG TRIVIA CONTEST!? VIRGLE, TELL THE COMPUTER VIEWERS WHAT GRAND PRIZES WE HAVE TO OFFER DAVEN!! OK! DAVEN, SINCE YOU ARE OUR GRAND PRIZE WINNER, YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING GREAT PRIZES. Daven, how would you like to be the envy of your neighborhood, while driving your very own 1961 Plymouth Fury Convertible!? Yes Daven, top down driving pleasure can be yours with this '61 Plymouth Convertible equiped with these options. Power steering! Power assisted brakes! Three hundred and eighteen whopping hill climbing cubic inches! Clutchess, finger tip shift, tourqueflite transmission! Full wheel covers! Whitewall nylon tires! AM radio! And last but not least, California emmisions!! Yes Daven, you could also win this great prize! A jug of your very own Moonshine!! A jug of fabolous West ("By God", Smile When You Say That) Virginia corn squeezins! Brewed by an open fire, in a home made crafted pure copper still, neseled far back in the green beautiful hillside. Daven, you can drink this moonshine all at once, and pay homage to the porcelain Gods, or you can have several beautiful girls sitting by your side wile you sip your West Virginia Moonshine out of a classic glass Mason jar! Daven your third and last prize is a big plastic bag of fresh dog 'feces'!! Yes Daven good old dog poop! Just imagine what you could do with you big bag of feces. Have a annoying neighbor's dog deffacating your yard? Well pour some of your very own fresh feces in his yard or porch. Have someone you know who is a 'door-dinger'? Well Daven, you can smear some of this fresh feces on his door handle. The possiblities are endless Daven, just think, what you could be doing with one of our fabulous prizes? All you have to do Daven, is choose Door number one! Door number two! Or choose door number three! Daven, which door do you think contains each one of these fabulous prizes? While you are thinking, check out E-Bay # 593183582.


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