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The "Silver Special" on ebay

From: Dean
Date: July 17, 2001


Someone put a 1958 Plymouth Plaza Silver Special under the for sale part of this website. The car is for sale on ebay currently for a great price. I just have a little warning for who ever buys it. I emailed him for photos and pics about a week or two ago. The way he worded it, it sounds to me that the car very possibly could be a '58 Plaza with Silver Special emblems on it. He didnt realy have any official proof that it was one, only the fact that it has a few old Silver Special emblems on it. It could be right but it might not. We just had a bad experience with a car so who ever buys it, just look into it and make sure it is what it seems to be and if it definetly is one, thats a VERY VERY good deal. Ive seen other pics of it and it doesnt need that much work.


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