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Aussie Mopars..the real deal..

From: adam in australia
Date: July 18, 2001


There is a few Aussie Mopars in the states at the moment..They are such good value for money, they are hard to resist..And the look of Aussie Mopars really grow on you after a while..The Aussie Chargers with the 6 Pack 265 Hemis are awesome cars..I did put a couple of photos on carsinbarns..I might be sending a 1965 Valiant AP6 ute (Plymouth Valiant, commercial vehicle), over to you guys soon, If anyone has any interest in buying Aussie Mopars let me know..I am heavily into them, and I can source the right car for a bargain price..I have all the "lists",(right engine for body no etc(like what Galen Govier has)) for Aussie 6 Pack and 340 Chargers so I cant be fooled easily..


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