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Re: '58 NEW YORKER.../please webmaster...

From: alumcan
Date: July 20, 2001


Why is me wanting to practially give this rear clip to someone who might be able to use it, discusting to you? What do you want me to do, go ahead and mash it? So no one will have the chance to use it? I saved this car once from one of the 'Chevy' guys who hauls junk cars into the masher. There is a state law here, that says no person can have more than three junk cars on his property at one time. My cousin has his '51 Nash Rambler stored here outside,(Remember the song "Beep-Beep"?) There is a Chevy Van that I'm filling up, to haul in when the price of junk goes over three dollars a hundred. Then, the third vehicle is this '58 Chrysler parts car that I saved. It is hidded behind my garage. There is not much room back there to posisition my middle daughter's horse trailer in the lean-to. So either park the Chrysler out front, and take a chance for thre Sherriff to haul it away, or cut two and a half feet off of the back of it, so I can back her trailer in without scraping the side of my pick-up. So, if this is so offencive to you, that you think that somehow, someone GAVE you the power that you can pass judgement WITHOUT knowing the facts. I'll tell you what. You can be like those rich (censored) that live above me in their million dollar houses, and run around with their noses jammed so high in the air, YOU can call the Monongalia County Sherriff's office (304)291-7290 and tell them thast you know of a offensive old Chrysler that's cluttering up the country side. When you call them, YOU get your butt down here so that when they mash this 'offencive car', I can give YOU credit for ridding the scenic countryside of one more parts car, that way NO one can use it! Say, why don't you be a good person, and call the Police in your area also, and report all of the Forward Look parts cars, or any parts cars sitting around. YOU must get rid of them, someone might use the rear clip to make a offencive couch out of it! What do you do in your spare time, go hug trees?


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