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From: alumcan
Date: July 20, 2001


Whats a goin' on down there Adam? You all wouldn't happin to have any moonshine fer sale would you? Oh well. Yeah, doesn't it always happin that way. find something you are looking for and it's halfway around the world. (LOL) I need just the Christine cassette tape to complete the music portion of my collection. You must be the biggest MoPar Nut on your continent! I've read all of you 'postings'on this web site. Some time ago, did you post something in the Chrysler 300 Site? Aw, it's just that I remember something about Australia being mentioned. Probably my mind thinking about something else. (soap opery) Isn't computers GRAND!? You can tell everyone who has their sets on, all about 'Down Under', and we can tell YOU about up here! Yeah, too bad you and your buddy are too far away, we'd get toghter on this rear clip deal. Anyway, thanks ever so much for posting your (POSITIVE) comments about this. Well, good luck in finding every MoPar that is, down yonder. Keep us all posted on what you find, OK? You never know, you might stumble across something that is truly 'one of a kind', and somebody might just have to run down there and get it. Later


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