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The RIGHT way to do a couch = fiberglass mold!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 22, 2001


Now I HATE those yo-yo's who cut rears off of parts cars JUST to make couches,because they're depriving restorers of useful rear clips. At least in "alumcan"'s case,it was the only way to keep the car for parts. He didn't do it just to make a couch.

Since the rear clip is off of that car,it would be easy to make a fiberglass mold (and buck) on it. Then you could sell the sheetmetal to someone who needs it for a car,and make fiberglass '58 New Yorker couches! (maybe with repo taillights if you like the light-up effect) Your fiberglass couches could have politically correct stickers saying "No '58 New Yorkers were harmed to make this couch".

You could even make a couch mold off the rear of a complete car,although it should obviously be a parts-type car because the wet 'glass sheets would wreck the paint!


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