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How long do you have to wait for a buyer??

From: adam in australia
Date: July 22, 2001


People are condeming someone for cutting the rear off a car..How many people out there would be wanting a rear clip for a certain model, because the car they are restoring needs one??..My father being an Upholsterer used to make these couches up in the 70s, every time he would complete one and bring it to a trade show, there was always some bozo with the question "Why did you ruin that car to make that couch", mind you the rear clips would be sitting in junk yards for years, but all of a sudden its now a valuable part because its been converted to a couch..And another thing anyone who has experience parting out cars, knows that the last thing that seems to sell would be the rear clips, and if they do sell, it would be to someone who is going to make a couch out of it..


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