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Re: australia still has Finned Mopars/ WHOO-HAW!!

From: alumcan
Date: July 22, 2001


300 Letter Cars! I didn't think that there were that many of those knids of cars just stitting around not being used down there. Are they RHD? That is my DREAM car. A '58 300-D Convertible! Since the late 70's I've been wishing for one in one hand, and then go 'feces' in the other hand and see which one fills up the fastest. Seems like I get a dollar saved up, and then the price goes up fifty. I can't keep up. I've noticed that owners of those three years of 300 Convts., don't want to 'bench race' (bullfeces), and seem to have their noses a little higher in the air than most. I've always told my ridein' bros., (some who favor MoPars) that if somehow I ever manage to latch onto to a convt., and if I ever start to act 'uppity-up'or 'puttin' on airs' I want somebody to kick my testicles up between my ears, so that my face looks like a '50 Buick! I'm just venting. If somehow I knew how to 'post' a picture on this site. I'd show you people that this '58 New Yorker is nothing but a parts car. According to the orginal owners son, his dad drove the car over 400,000 miles! It's what we call B.E.R. Beyond Economical Repair. When I posted the ad the first time, a guy wanted to know if I would sell just the grille/bumper/trim off the front. I told him to make me a offer or trade me something. He made me a offer, I took it, but it turns out that he lives in Oklhoma, and didn't want to travel/ship that distance. Anyway. Adam, is there any way that you could get me one of the side emblems off any of those 300's? I'd explain why, but it would take too long, so I might do it later. Daven, as far as fiberglass,(GREAT IDEA) I've only seen ONE fiberglass couch. There is a Harley-Davidson dealer North of me who has a 'Cobra' couch. I don't know what he had to pay for that thing, but both quarters look like a ocean! All of the other couches I've seen, were the real thing, and looked better than that 'Cobra' couch! I've only seen one Forward Look, '58 Dodge Royal. (I have pictures) The rest, were all 50's Chevys and Fords. Adam, you are absoutly right about rear clips not selling. In all of the years that I've been hauling junk, I have NEVER had someone want to buy a complete REAR clip! One side, or all of the trim, but NOT the whole thing. Isn't that always the case. Got something that has been laying round in your way for years, you finally get off of your butt and make something else out of it, and there is always someone out there, (who probably never had a sugartit) condem you for doing it! (But never wanted the orginal thing in the first place, go figure) Since I had to cut this thing off, that was my idea, let some FwdLkr, who might have a '58 NYer, who would like to have a couch for 'bragging rites', trade me something for it. But, good grief if people are going to give me 'heck' for doing so, I might not want to 'save' the rear clip off of the next tail-fin car I drag in. Adam, please get back to me on any of those 300 side emblems. They gotta be free or I might be able to trade you some good ole West ("By God, Smile When You Say That) Virginia moonshine for some emblems. OK? Later. Oh, Sorry Adam, to awnser your orginal question. That rear clip will lay here untill it's gets in my way.


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