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Re: 58 Plymouth Factory Build sheet

From: A bosley
Email: none
Date: July 24, 2001


Found my order code sheet and want to correct a few thing from last post. (It would help if you listed VIN, engine and body style and color) There were a few confusing things about the build and sales codes in 58. I.e. 252=Belv. V8 Sport Coupe, but 154 also =Belv. 6 Sport sedan. I think the XS3 relates to color and trim (but I worked in chassis) If so would be a white. In the plants there was a production control person who sat at a repeating typewriter and typed these out so mistakes and overstrikes are not unusual.Should have been 293=? The 312 package includes backup lights, windshield washer and variable speed wipers. The 341 that you did not get is air conditioning. The 432 is the “safety package” as listed last night. /Al


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