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Re: Guess who bought a complete rear clip once? ME!/Me too.

From: alumcan
Email:                     (304) 296-1954
Date: July 24, 2001


Davin, back in '87 a buddy and myself loaded up my old Ford pick-up, (lets see, I think it only had around 240 some thousand miles then. It has 479,000 miles now.) and the car trailer that I built, with 9 cases of beer, a half of gallon of moonshine in six coolers, and we took off for the rust free belt of Arizona. We wanted to see if these stories that we were hearing back here about cars NOT rusting out there were true or not! At the time I had bought a very nice '70 Fury Convt. (extremely late production number. This thing HAD to be one of the last five or so made!) Anyway, the reason that I bought the car, the interior was absoutly mint! and the body and the floors were gorgous! (The floors STILL had the orginal paint!) But someone had put the top down with something (beach ball?)in the well. It broke the rear glass, and you know the rest. The rust was funny, one quarter was rusted in front of the wheel, but behind the wheel was solid. That side the trunk floor extension was rusted away, and that part of the trunk floor was solid. The other side quarter was solid in front of the wheel, but behind the wheel was totaly gone up to the marker light. But the trunk floor extension was solid, and the trunk floor on that side was rusted. It didn't make sense how one panel was solid and the next one to it was totaly gone. The problem was that I had only found one set of NOS Convt. quarters. One looked like it had been run over, and the other one looked like it had been laying in the creek all of it's life. This guy STILL wanted a grand a side! (That GREED thing I was talking about) I think that he was only thouching the ground on every third step! So I got with a friend who chops tops and builds Rods, to figure out how to fix this odd rust problem. The only way was to rear clip it. Every junk yard south of Tulsa we stopped at, plus more beer at Billy Bob's., we bought something. Bobby found a absoulty perfect 41-46 Heavy Duty, Ton and a half Chevy truck with no bed. Out in a all MoPar Phoenix yard, I found a '70 Fury Hard-top that had been hit hard in the front, but the rear clip looked brand new! All of the yard people couldn't speak english. So I was trying to make a sissors motion out of my fingers and pointing where to cut, they couldn't understand me, luckly some guy walked in that could understand me and them. I told this guy that if they didn't cut the quarters (indivdually) I didn't want them. This guy said that for me to come back in three or four hours and they would set the quarters on the back of Bobby's truck. Well, we left and found a beer garden called Tex's Tavern. That palce STILL had a dirt, well sand, floor and you could see the nicotine just hanging off of the celing. I don't think that place was ever re-painted or changed since it was built in the '50's! Anyway when we got back to that yard, here they had opend both doors cut the front seat out, and cut right throiugh the middle of the floor, through the mufflers, drive shaft, roof and had the WHOLE rear half of the car, rear end, back seat, glass and all hanging on a crane and set it on the back where the bed used to be on Bobby's truck. This thing was a sight comming back to West Virginia. Tank about the Beverly (censored) Hillbillys! You know, we NEVER got stopped by the cops anywhere. Talk about being overladed. The old Ford did pretty well out there on the flatlands, but when we hit eastern Ohio, whew, the slightest hill, pulled us down. The I-470 by-pass around Wheeling WV, and I-70 out of Elm Grove/Tridelphia I had to pull those hills on the berm in first gear! I'll dig up a picture I took of our rolling mess, and send it to Adam down there in Australia and he can fix it up for me so I can Post. Somebody ought to get a good Whoo-Haw out of it. Adam done these pictures of that New Yorker for me. and www.picknowl.comau/homepages/adam001/58NYrearclip.jpg Daven, your second paragraph told me that YOU weren't codeming me. I just want these pictures to be seen by everone who might have doubts, and who didn't get into our little discussion. A guy named "Dave" E-Mailed me and told me to put 'this' up for all to see. I have pictures of me clipping that Fury, but I never finished it. I lost all of the interior, (I don't want to get into THAT tramautic story) So a couple of years ago I sold everyting to a guy up next to Carlisle. He used some interior pieces out of two or three different cars, he said that someday they might re-po the convt. interior quarter pieces. Guess what color they painted the Convt? BLACK! I seen the car, oohhh those quarters look long, straight, and all of the factory spot welds are there. Just the way I wanted it, where no one could tell that a hardtop rear clip had been grafted onto a convt.! Oh well, wish I got this much response on some one wanting to trade me for this NYer clip. Daven, just watched Crime Srtory again last night. They're re-runing it on A&E. I sit and cry every time I see that Black 300-C Convt. I want that car so bad that I can taste it. Oh well, wish and poop! (Must be nice to be rich enough to afford one of those cars.) Anyway, what I was wanting to tell you, there are several real GOOD close up shots of a '61 Fury! Later,


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