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Re: 350 pistons

From: alumcan
Email:            (304)   296-1954
Date: July 25, 2001


Here's what I tried to E-Mail you. Whats a goin on out there Joe Mac? You all wouldn't happin to have any moonshine fer sale would you? Oh well. Yeah, your posting in the Forward Look Wanted section got me thinking about the 350 I built back there in '84. I had to get Eggy out there in California to make me a set of .030 overs. Still got 'em, and the motor has never been fired! Yet. I can't remember just exactly how much I had to pay them, but in 1984-85 dollars, I have $2,700. tied up in the whole motor. I don't know, just thought I'd vent a little. Dave Stragand, the guy who owns/set up this wonderful web site, told me that he bought a set of new 350 .060 over pistons off of E-Bay. Sixty over pistons are easy to find. They should be. You take a 350, bore it a sixteenth over, you have a 361. Tabke a 361, bore it a sixteenth over, you have a 383. Take a 383, bore it sixteenth over, you have a 400. So 361 standard pistons should be relative easy to find. That is if you want to bore your block that far. Me, if I was gonna do something like that, I'd sleeve, and bore to 400, balance the bottom end, sink a small fortune in the 4-bolt valve cover heads, by either converting a set of closed chambered '67 GTX heads from 6-bolt valve cover to four. Or take a set of early 1960's 413/383 heads which most are closed chambered, do a little porting, put in the biggest stainless valves that will fit, get Isky or Chris Neilson to make me a cam. Re-curve the orginal point ignition. Try and hide a couple of 700-750 Carters under the little oval air cleaners, and have one 'HONKIN' 350 motor. Just my two cents worth. Good luck in your quest to find the rarest of the rare. There should be a set or two out there someplace. Later, alumcan


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