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Re: Crime Story '57 300-C and '61 Fury

From: Kenny J.
Date: July 25, 2001


They shot an episode at my place of employment (UMC Hospital) during the late 1980s. They brought out the '57 300-C and a motley group of '59 Ford sedans done up as Las Vegas city police cars. The 300-C appeared to be a very, very nice driver. It certainly wasn't flawless. But it was very nice, something you would be proud to be seen in, but not afraid to drive. The police cars were rather rough inside. The yellow '59 Chevy which was sent through a storefront in one episode was repaired for future use before the show was cancelled. I got to drive it. It was a 6-stick with overdrive. It would not shift into first gear. A number of cars seen on the show are still here in the Las Vegas area, in the hands of car hobbyists: The aqua '59 T-Bird, the green '59 Impala, a black '60 Buick and a number of late '50s & early '60s Fords. I have no idea what happened to the '61 Fury.


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