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Cost of shipping Aussie MoPars

From: alumcan
Email:                  (304) 296-1194
Date: July 25, 2001


Hey Adam, you said in a earlier post that you were the Aussie equlivant to Galen Goveiar, (or however you are supposed to spell his name) and that you could round up all kinds of Austrailian (?) MoPars and ship them over here. It's not that I want one, I haven't worked since November. Nuts, I can't even pay attention. Anyway, what is the 'going' price to ship/transport a Aussie car to either coast? You mentioned that Valiant you were sending over here. A couple of weeks ago I was up at Chryslers at Carlisle wondering aimlessly around when I spied a '54 Plymouth wagon converted into a El Camino, (I know, that's a bad word, but how else do you descaribe a car/pick-up?) I was looking at the roof and the box, when it hit me. '53-'54 Plymouth wagons were two-doors. This thing had the shorter four door, front doors. This guy used a four door sedan to make his El Camino. I was looking all over it real hard for a weld seam or a crack, when this guy asked me, what the 'heck' I was trying to do. I told him, I was looking to see if this guy welded the rear doors right. He then said that this thing was factory. I told him that he'd been out in the sun too long, that the only car type pick-up Chrysler ever made was the Rampage. He then pointed inside and said that this was a Austrailian Ute. That's when I noticed that the steering wheel/controls were on the right side. Talk about feeling like a idiot. All that time I spent looking for weld cracks and shoddy workmanship, here all I had to do was look inside! I learned my lesson, look inside first! Are those 300 Letter Cars right or left drive? Thanks.


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