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Re: '58 NEW YORKER.../please webmaster...

From: sid
Email: woryna,
Date: July 25, 2001


i've seen too many good, sometimes rust free cars with the rear torched off, even here in germany. old cars are still involved in accidents and parts are getting rare. someone i know with a 60 adventurer, which got hit in the rear, couldn't find a rear clip/side panel. guess why. so, you "saved" the 58 just to cut it in pieces? tell me did you try to get rid of it in one piece??? i guess not, at least not here on this website. instead you offered just the rear clip. why? from what i understand you got storage problems and the only solution was to cut the new yorker in pieces? you must be a very sad person. well, believe me we have tougher old car laws over here but no one cut force me to destroy my old mopars. if you don't have enough room for an old car you should'nt own one. yeah, i know, it was your car and you have the right to do with it whatever you want. too bad. i believe this website, for the chrysler enthusiasts who are trying to keep their cars on the road, is not the right place to advertise tasteless couches. i believe forward look cars belong on the road. by the way, i'm restoring a 61 desoto everyone thought its beyond repair. it will be back on the road next year. it would have been alot easier/lucrative to make a couch out of it of it of course. good you didn't "save" this car.


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