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From: alumcan
Date: July 26, 2001


Nuts! T Man, I can't find Bills Speed Shop #. Sorry. But I did runacross THIS; SURPLUS SUPPLY Quality Steel Autobody Repair Panels Box 9047 Akron, Ohio 44305 (216) 920 1616 If they are still in business, your guess is as good as mine. If you CAN'T find any panels, you might want to try these lesser known sources. Find a Stree-Rod Shop, that builds steel cars. They can fabracate just about any shape of panel. ( I don't know wether I want to mention Street Rods on this site or not, the way I was 'bashed' for the rear clip/couch deal. See, Street Rodders go take cars that the 'Teakers' don't want, and make something out of them, then the 'teakers' give 'em (censored) for cutting up a good car. Go figure) They can make the panels and put them in for you. Also, is there a metal fabracation shop near you? One that has big and small rolls, preses, breaks and shears. They can make your panels, some shops will let you bring in your own metal, some will charge you for their metal. The thing there is that YOU will have to weld the panels in your self, or find a SMALL INDEPENDENT body shop to do the work for you. Another way to get the panels installed for almost free, go to you local Vo-Tech school and talk to the shop teacher. Some teachers will let the kids work on 'older' cars. If you go with the Vo-Tech route, YOU will have to supply all your own supplies. Now to PLEASE the teacher? Instead of bringing in just a few sheets of sandpaper, or just enough to do your car, give the teacher a whole ream, and tell him to keep the rest. If you want to get your car painted, DON'T bring extra paint! (they probably will never use your color) Give them a extra gallon or two of putty, thinner, and catylist.(hardner) Vo-Tech works on a buget, and auto body usually gets supplies last or sometimes not all. You know what I'm talking about. For around a hundred bucks you will have a lifelong friend if you ever need anything else done. Another way to get your car fixed for almost free, is a State Penitentiary. (not federal) Some states has Vo-Tech type of classes for inmates to learn a trade. They could do it all. Make your pannels, weld them in, and then paint. The problem with that is two-fold, You would almost have to gut the glass and interior. Have you ever been grinding metal next to glass? Little bits of metal,(sparks) are imbedded into the glass, and then little specks of rust appear. Now cons would do you a very good job. They are NOT rushed, because they will NOT be going anywhere for a few years. The other problem, most people are itimidated by 'hardened' cons. They're just like you and me, human beings. They just got caught for something that 'they didn't do'. If you have your state pen make/weld/paint what ever, and you visit just to see how's everything going. You will most likely be approched by a con for you to get him some contraband. Don't do it, unless you want to become his cell mate/boyfriend. If you are afraid that since you made him mad by turning him down, that he will do some deep inside damage to your motor or something, simply tell him that if he does a good job that you will 'slip' him some cash, and then he can go buy his own stuff that he wants. Tell him that. If you get caught slipping cash to a con, you cannot be charged. There is NO law stating that U.S. cash is contraband. He doesn't want to get caught no more than you do. Because he looses all privilages, plus what cash they find on him. Make it very SMALL bills, large ones are harder to exchange between cons. The same bills will stay inside for decades. That's all of the advice that I can give you right now. Good Luck.


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