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Don't look like no "numbers matching" engine to me!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 04, 2001


That is a nice looking car overall,but I DO question the claim of it being a "numbers matching" engine. The engine would be painted GOLD like mine,this engine is 1962-up Blue! And the original valve covers are four-bolt,this engine has Edelbrock valve covers on it (for later six-bolt valve covers).

It seems like to me that someone swapped in a later 383 and a '62-up pushbutton 727. Actually this is a VERY good idea,and personally I'd be GLAD to get a car with this swap already done! I don't think the present sellers have seen an original big-block '61 Plymouth,so I'm not blaming them for the "numbers-matching" claim.

I sure wouldn't discourage anybody from buying the car,in fact I think this swap is a good one and it's a GOOD point in favor of buying this car! Just be aware that not all things claimed to be "numbers-matching" are.....(and sellers are not to blame sometimes,I suspect whoever sold the car to them told them it was 'matching')


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