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Re: LA parts in Early Hemis

From: alumcan
Email:            (304) 296-1954
Date: August 07, 2001


Mke,(?) I'll share what little 'brain dead' knowlege I have. I'm sure that you are refering to the late 318 that's in umpteen jillion 'bread and butter' MoPars? The distributer is a 'drop in' on the early Dodge Hemis only. All others require a little adapter. 318 motor mounts, are bolt on for ALL early hemis. (Just a slight bit filing on one of the steel brackets) 318 timing chain/gears will bolt on but,,,,,,there is something on certain motors that won't work,,,bolt holes not lining up or something. I can remember. Maybe I'm thinking of something else. There are adapters out there for just about any transmission, a GM Power Glide to a Hemi 4-speed, and just about anything inbetween. Adapters for distributers, BB Chevy water pumps, FE Ford or any BB MoPar oil filters. Adapters for any alt. or gen. any power steering pump,,,,,wait a minute here,,I'm getting off your orginal question. As far as what 318 stuff will interchang with early Hemis, that's all I can think of right now. Do this, click on and run through all of their links/pictures. There is one picture that soemone took of a early Hemi powereing a big wind mill. I guess it's a wind mill. It's got a big propeller. Maybe it's some sorta crude wooden airplane! LOL. Later.


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