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1958 2drht Plymouth Belvedere...GREAT PRICE!!!

From: Dean
Date: August 07, 2001


A while back I posted a '58 Plymouth belvedere on here that I was considering buying for $2500. Well Ive decided that it would be too much work for my budget so im gonna look for a '66 Mustang Fastback. anyway, when I posted it on here (i think on july 11th?), I got some good responces from people who sounded like it was a good deal and i should buy it. Like i said it needs alot of work but is definetly restorable. If any one wants any info on it, email me and ill email you the web page he sent me on it (description, pics...) I think the guy has the car up in Montana or somethin (another reason i didnt buy it, too far away)


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