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Re: Switzerland car club/ Check THIS out!!!  BIKER BABES, CO...

From: alumcan
Date: August 10, 2001


NUTS!! 'Pony' I thought that when I typed in the 'web site' that the thing would 'pop' up, I guess it didn't. Allright, maybe you/Daven/Dave can help me figure this out. I go back to the letter they sent me, their web site is in blue and I can bring it up. But if I type it into something else, (like I did this morning, I was in a hurry. I was called back to work after a 9 month layoff, so I don't have the time to 'truck' around all the web sites like I did before!) it will not come up. QUESTION: how do I go about getting their letter that they sent me, or just their web address OVER to the FwdLk discussion????????????????????? No Harleys pictured, but without the car pictures, you'd think it's Sturgis/Daytona. Their tatoos equal anything I've seen here!!!!!!!!!! 'Pony', you ride? Later.


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