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'61 Fury Convt./Switzerland car club link

From: alumcan
Email:              (304)  296-1954
Date: August 11, 2001


Hey Daven, that '61 Fury Convt. is BACK on E-Bay again! (that is if you didn't allready know) One bid so far, one of same guys as before. I wonder if I could trade my Hemi powered DeSoto Rod for that car???? Ted Gray, thanks for figuring out how to post that Swiss car club link!! When it comes to this dadburn (censored) hi-tech (censored) (censored) stuff I'm dumb as a wad of snot. That guy who is chopping that '54 Chevy,,,wow! No fill, just metal. Chopped the top, and then laid the orginal back glass down a little bit. Same procedure is used on chopping '49-'50 Mercury tops. When Peter sent me that web link, I couldn't believe all that 'car' fun was goin on over there! I thought all Switzerland had to offer was, snow/cold/skiers/seceret banks, and yodelers. Boy, was I wrong. Everyone enjoy.


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