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Re: Switzerland car club/ Check THIS out!!!  BIKER BABES, CO...

From: Mike 'Pony" Poniatowski
Email: ********
Date: August 13, 2001


I did ride a lot up until 2 years ago. had a 71 harley chopper. It was cool, but was a big pain in the a** to kep running. I needed to decide on one project to keep with, and I just figured that old harley choppers are a lot easier to come by than a 1958 Plymouth. So the choice was made. Then again, when I saw my bro get hit by a car on his sporty, it kinda sobered me up a little bit too. Thanks again for the lead on a cool site. Don't feel bad about layoffs, I'm getting mine at the end of September, that is unless I want to learn Spanish and relocate to Mexico with my job for half the pay and no benefits. Just a sign of the times I guess. take it easy..........Pony


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