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1957-68 3rd members different than 1969-73

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 17, 2001


Actually Jouni you should have taken the 1969 3rd member,because the internal design of the 3rd member (including the gears meeting the axle shafts) was changed in 1969!

The 1957-68 8" rears have the last 3 numbers as '741' or '742',and the 1969-73 8" rears have the last 3 numbers as '489'. Your car's 3rd member can use any 1957-68 '752' axle shafts,however it cannot use the 1969 '489' axle shafts presently in the rearend.

If it's too late to go back and get the 1969 3rd member,you will have to change the rearend to 1965-68 '742' type axle shafts to use your car's original 3rd member. It would be much easier to install a '489' 3rd member in the present rearend, if you can't get the one that was in there I suggest looking for another '489' 3rd member.


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