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61 imperial at derby

From: james
Date: August 20, 2001


I went to a derby at our local county fair and was shocked to see a 1961 iperial roll out into the ring the car was in good enough condition to restore it did not have any rust outs or dents that I could see and still had good brakes. I had heard about this car before and it was suposidly running a 454 bbc. needles to say seeing that nice car out there made me sick but I still was rooting for it . In the first qualifyer that he was in he was mashed into the bank before he could even do any damage this was evrybodies plan since he was a threat to evyone. He lost the heat because he was stuck. In our derby anybody who can get there car running can go into the consolation the last car driving can go into the main event with the other heats winners needless to say the chrysler stacked the cars up like cord wood it was not even funny how bad that car kicked evrybodys ass he went into the main event and did well until he go stuck in mudd 3 feat deep the car still loooked and ran pretty good beefore he got stuck he pulled forward and stomped it in reverse and a curios thing happened he hit a chevy wagon and the asss end bent up and was pushed it back over the back weels. the damage that car inflickted was admirable but there was a reason. It toock a good 20 minutes to long for the derby to sart because the drivers meating took to long it seems that the guy with the 61 welded a 1/2 or 3/4 inch hunk of steal across the floor of the trunk this explained a lot . This was barly legal under the welding rules the derby has, and this is why most of the other drivers wanted him out quick because he would have killed evrything if give a fair chance it was a realy sad dy for chrysler but a proud one also. the car that won was a 55 chevy, chrysler, or ford you could not tell it was so mashed at the stat all you could see was that the windows were round 50's style. That car was so mashed at the begining tha tthe bumper protruded 12-15 inches in front of the rad suport


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