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Re: 61 imperial at derby???Didn't know they were allowed.

From: alumcan
Email:             (304) 296-1954
Date: August 22, 2001


Was that demo-derby a little 'local-yokel' event? I remember reading a demo-derby,(where and when I don't know) rule book and 'this' was in bold print; NO 1960's CHRYSLER IMPERIALS ALLOWED!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! I asked someone why, and the reply was, that those Imperials had a too stout of a frame. I guess they mean, it wouldn't collapse like the rest of 'em. Oh well, what's left to mash these days? Crown Vic's, 'jelly bean' Caprices, oh yeah, the 5th Ave's and the Crown Vic's/Caprices that are shaped like a brick. The wildest Demo-derby I went to, was in Langley Va. in the mid 60's. It came down to a '60 Valiant and a '59 Cadillac 4-door 'flat top' had to battle it out to see who was top dog. The Caddy had the front bumper corners bent into the tires and he couldn't move. He could smoke the rear tires in forward and reverse, (NO WATER WAS USED) That little Plymouth rammed that Cadddy so many times that most of the body was shoved almost into the drivers seat. The rear end was only held on by the drive shaft one shock and one spring. So the officials stopped it, and said that if the Valiant could make one lap around the track without quitting, they would award him top prize. Well here come some girl out of the stands in a two piece bathing suit, strutting her stuff on the track. While the officials had their backs turned on the Caddy looking at that girl, here came about ten people running out from underneath the bleachers, and trid to pry the bumper ends from the tires so the Caddy could finish off the Valaint. At this time everyone was screaming and hollering, between that girl taking her top off and the cheaters at the Cadillac. Well, they got one side of the Caddy freed. Then here came 2 or 3 more officials out from under the bleachers, then the 'wrassilin' match was on, between the peope at the Caddy and the officials! Just like that 'stuff' that's on TV now! Great entertainmet! I don't know who won, I was trying to see some boobs at a hundred yards. Later


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