Re: To Chop...or Not to Chop...???

From: Steven Dean
Email: stevend@atlantic.net
Date: September 10, 2001


Hey Brian... I'll answer your questions as they came. First...I found the car last November. It is a relatively solid, nice running original and the deal was very good...at first. I have since dumped alot of dough into it. It does have rust still. Mostly along the bottoms of the doors and in the trunk channel where the rubber goes and in the base of the roofline. The floors are ok except for a small hole in the passenger side. I couldn't seem to find a good two-door hardtop at the time. No, I did not find two door door yet. I would have a body shop doing the work but I have not chosen one yet. I agree it's alot of work, especially to move the roofline and I would still be stuck with a sedan. The car is in limbo. Too nice for parts car yet not exactly what I wanted. Take it easy.