'73-79 Mopar manual disc master cyl. is best

From: Daven Anderson
Email: l96lfury@springmail.com
Date: September 14, 2001


If you mean the '68 Roadrunner dual (drum brake) master cyl., that sounds correct. The drum brake master cyl. has the 7/16" bolt to secure the top lid,the disc cyl. has a retaining rod you pull to the car's left to remove the top lid. However the '73-79 Mopar manual (dual chamber) disc brake master cyl. is the best overall to use,even if the car retains the drum brakes. The '68 R.R. master cyl was designed for single wheel cylinder drum brakes all around,and it really does not hold enough fluid for disc brake use or even arguably use with the original '55-61 drum brakes that have two wheel cylinders per front wheel (one for each shoe). My '61 Fury had a '68 R.R. master cyl.,and to get proper front-rear braking balance and pedal action I had to use an aftermarket adjustable proportioning valve. This drum brake car now has the '73-79 disc master cyl.,and pedal feel is noticeably improved. My '60 Ply. wagon with front disc brakes also uses this master cyl. Are discs worth it?! With the way people drive today,need you even ASK? The AAJ kit is worth installing just because you can get replacement service parts (pads,rotors,etc.) at any auto parts store. Front end parts for your Dodge aren't growing on trees,you know; you have a classic and good brakes will KEEP it that way!