Engines...Engines...which one to choose...???

From: Steven Dean
Email: stevend@atlantic.net
Date: September 17, 2001


OK...so I've decided NOT to chop my 4 door '58 Plymouth and found a two door hardtop... This is probably best for Exhaust Pipe section but I like the Discussion Section better... anyway... so with the car I found I can get whatever engine I wish with it...(except 340 or ANY Hemi)... That being said...I need opinions on which way to go. Keep in mind I would like to keep the push button setup , which I believe is a three speed in this case... My choices are- early vintage 318, 383, or 413... Later model 360, 383, or 440... I should add I want the power but this car will be a cruiser and not a racer, still I don't want it to embarrass itself... I would also like to be able to find parts easily and the swap needs to be a practical bolt in... The guy says the transmissions changed in '62 or '63... Thanks for your time...