Re: Engines...Engines...which one to choose...???

From: Mike Myhrvold
Email: mmyhrvol@hdrinc.com
Date: September 18, 2001


The main difference to the early and late enginse, is the crankshaft. The early crank has a rear flange for mounting the flywheel or torque converter that sticks out about an inch from the back of the block. That is why the later transmission won't fit the early engine. Other than that, the engines are almost the same. Same bore, stroke, head and transmission mounting bolt patterns, etc. Some time around 1962, Chrysler changed the cranks. The transmission has to go with the crank. And I think that an early 62 aluminum torqueflite will work with the push buttons and the early engines and a later one will work with the later engines and the push buttons.