Re: 57 Dodge Red Ram block ident numbers

From: Mike Patterson
Email: mchr@theriver.com
Date: September 20, 2001


It sounds like you have a 325 Polyspehere car. For 1957, Dodge had three basic engines available. A flat head 6, and two basic versions of the 325 CI V8. One of these engines was a Polysphere head (which was a single rocker shaft design (2BBL version Red ram at 245 HP, Super Red Ram 4BBL version 260 HP)). The other basic V8 was a HEMI (which used two rocker shafts, single 4BBL rated at 285 HP and dual Quad Super D500 rated at 310 HP). There was also a rare D501 option available that used Chrysler 354 CI HEMI. You are correct, all hemis had the spark plugs through the valve covers. Most of the information I have available concerns the HEMI engines, and I do not find the block numbers you list in it, but I think there is a site dedicated to the poly engines somewhere around. Good luck on your project.