Steven Dean / About the chop!

From: JouniK
Email: jjak70@hotmail.com
Date: September 26, 2001


Been there done that! I mean the 4d to 2d ht conversion + top chop. And my advice is to look for a "original" 2d car. Unless you live in a country where finding a such car is almost impossible or costs too much (like I do). My car is Dodge Kingsway, export model that wasnŽt available in the States. It has the front end from 1959 Dodge, the rest is from 1959 Plymouth. I used 59 Plymouth 2d ht doors for the conversion. I filled the holes left by the rear doors with sheet metal and chopped the top about 3 inches. Sound pretty simple but it isnŽt! Here are a few problems: 2d ht roof posts are different, roof is shorter, the part between rear window and boot lid is longer (than 4d), rear side window mechanisms are quite complicated. And you also need new windows. I you wanna know more, IŽll be happy to tell you. I might eve have some pictures. Jouni