57 Fargo 3 spd to Loadflite swap

From: Randy Borle
Email: rborle@telusplanet.net
Date: October 01, 2001


I have a 57 Fargo D100 pickup with a flathead 6 and 3 speed manual transmission. I'm interested in swapping the 3 speed manual transmission to a push button cast iron Loadflight 3 spd automatic transmission. My shop manual indicates that option was available so I can stay stock. Could someone explain to me the engine and transmission mounting used for the 6 cylinder and auto combination. The existing combination has a single mount at the front (floating power) and mounts either side of the clutch housing. If I simply swap in the automatic I would only have a single mount at the front of the engine and a single mount at the rear of the automatic transmission. This doesnt seem right and obviously wouldnt take any torque. What am I looking for, a torque converter housing with mounts on either side that mates to the flat head six? Do I need a different crossmember too? Would I be better off looking for an 8 cyl (301 or 313 poly) and auto combo instead, or would I have even more challenges?