1957 Plymouth Belvedere

From: Charles Vernon
Email: vdotvern@yahoo.com
Date: October 14, 2001


Hello everyone, I have been looking for years for a 1957 Plymouth to restore. Found one and picked it up last week. It is a 4-door hardtop Belvedere and I bought it from the second owner. He has had the car for 35 years but never drove it and kept it in a garage. It has 32,000 original miles on it but - you guessed it; the engine is stuck (301 V8) with push button. The car has some surface rust and minor rust through at top of fenders and right rear fender. Rockers probably should be replaced although they are not too bad. Bumpers are good and all four bumper tips are there in good rechromeable shape. Interier will all need to be replaced but floor pan is good. All glass is absolutely perfect and doors are nice and tight. Paid $1600 for it and drove a round trip of 1600 miles to pick it up. Is it worth that or do you think I paid too much? Can't find these cars - I've not seen one in 20 years. Thanks for your response. Charles