Re: air conditioning/freeze yer puiteties off this time of year!

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: October 25, 2001


Hey Bobby, I put in a dual (front and rear)air/heat combo I bought from Air Teaque, (Good People) down there in Texas, in a '48 DeSoto sedan. I caught Vintage Air in a lie, so I didn't buy from them. The only problem, was making a nice oak platform for the vents, to fit the little odd shaped rear deck. I used matching oak boards molded to blend in with the OM dash, up front. The reason that I had to use a front/rear air set up, was the 1940's cars all have narrow dashes. With the OM glove box, cowl vent, raido, and part of the OM dual heater option, there just wasn't enough room left over for an evaporater large enough to cool the entire interior space of a sedan. I guess you can't have it both ways. A orginal dash and enough air conditioning to cool yer beer. On your car, just take out the OM heater assembly, (leave the dash controls) and bolt in the air/heat combo that they would recomend. If you want to freeze water inside your car, just tell them what you want to do and they will set you up with COMPLETE package (front and rear?) to suit your needs. I haven't been in their catalogs recently, they MIGHT have a unit that is especially made for the '57'59 MoPars. I know that they have them for older individual years of Chiverlays. Meaning, the vents in the dash look 'factory'. I DO NOT have either Air Teaque's or Vintage Air's number. Is there any (Street Rodder) Forward Lookers down there in Texas that can help with a address/e-mail/phone #? If you're STILL confused, one of those companys sells a nice video, (for idiots) that tells step by step the process of installing, and how air conditioning works, I think for a double 'sawbuck' Have fun!