the history channel Highway HI FI

From: Lee
Email: roadkillontheweb@msn.com
Date: October 26, 2001


I received the following email the other day I'm a producer working on a show for the History Channel called Modern Marvels. The focus of the show I'm working on is about failed inventions. Specifically what we are looking at are inventions that were ahead of their time, or inventions that were precursors to other inventions. One of the inventions we are looking at is the Chrysler Hi-Fi. I saw that on your website you have some photographs of the invention. Do you own these photos? If yes, could we use them in our show? We would be more then happy to give you credit and a copy of the show when it airs. We would greatly appreciate your help. I have forwarded a lot of my research data from my webpage www.roadkillontheweb.com and from my private collection to them, and given them permission to use photos from my website along with providing additional photos of my NOS unit. but is there someone in the Los Angeles area that has a Highway HI FI in thier car that they could photograh and take video of for the show?