Correct carbs for 2-4 bbl poly setup.

From: Paul Quintin
Email: Paul_Quintin@Agilent.com
Date: October 29, 2001


Greetings, Forward Lookers! A while back I picked up a 2-4bbl poly setup, and wanted to get some information on the carbs. I believe I have the right ones, but want to get advice from the experts. The carbs are Carters, with the iron(??) baseplates. There are tags on the top of the carbs, but I'm not at home to check them right now. If possible, could someone please email me with any info that should be on the carbs, etc. I just started working on a poly stroker motor for my 66 Charger (it's a original poly motor car), and would like to use the correct factory setup on top, Thanks in advance!! Paul Quintin