Re: OK, so who's the YOUNGEST person in ForwardLook Land?

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: October 31, 2001


OK, I'll say this. To be old and wise, one must have been young and brain dead. (I'm NOT casting the first stone,,,,I have done/seen some real stupid stuff on two and four wheels when my voice was breakin') If it wasn't for you youngins takin' a interest in these tail-fin cars, when us 'old farts' blow away, the legacy of Fwd Lk will still be carried on untill you all become 'old farts'! It really surprises me to see you teens, twenty,and thirty something guys interested in cars that your parents/grand parents drove/had. Kids around here are either 'into' older Chevys, late 60's early 70's Chevells/Camaros, or those (censored) Jap car/pick-ups. I would say someting about those stereos that you can hear clear over in the next town, but I like the sound of 'rolling thunder' or a straight piped Shovel Head, so I guess that I can't vent too much on the noise subject. (Maybe if those drivable speakers on four wheels would play some Stonewall Jackson or Jerry Lee,,,,,oh well. I give you younger generation a salute. SALUTE! T & T to everyone!!