Re: OK, so who's the YOUNGEST person in ForwardLook Land?

From: Jeff Pozniak
Email: webmaster@plymouthfury.mail22.com
Date: November 02, 2001


I was 15 when I bought my '58 Dodge (now a Plymouth). I'm 20 years old now going onto 21 in a couple of days (Nov.4) I've had a few people not take me seriously when it comes to talking about these cars, but the majority of people have been very helpful and supportive of my finned Mopar obsession. My parents brought me up around old cars and I always dreamed of owning one when I was older. My dad always wanted me to get a '57 Chevy, but they're practically a dime a dozen. Too common for my tastes. My dad eventually bought a '57 Chevy, but I went my own way and purchased a finned Mopar. It was all because of "Christine" that my devotion to these cars started. Now I've graduated onto other cars I'd like to own. Next on my list would be a '59 Dodge among a few other Forward Look cars. Great topic of discussion guys! :) Jeff Pozniak