Re: OK, so who's the YOUNGEST person in ForwardLook Land?

From: Doo Wop Al
Email: realgone58@hotmail.com
Date: November 04, 2001


I'm not the youngest, but I fall into the youngin' category at 28. I bought my '58 Belvedere when I was 20. Saved since I was 14. That one is definately a keeper. I've got my '60 Belvedere too, and I've had a '60 New Yorker, '61 Dodge wagon, three '63 Plymouths, and a '63 and '64 Chrysler. Also had a '62 Chrysler that I brought my kids home with from thier birth. My wife learned to drive on that car. All our friends were driving cookie cutter compacts and we had a driveway full of real American iron. The Pentestar is a powerful thing. Pity those who overlook it!