From: Marc Veenhuis
Email: carnut8@hetnet.nl
Date: November 05, 2001


First I want to let you know how much I like your Forward Look web-site, it's great for people who love Mopars. The web-site adress was given to me by alumcan, a regular visitor and born Mopars fan, he's a friend of mine, I know him for a couple of years now.

Please let me introduce myself first, I'm Marc Veenhuis, 38 years old, married and father of a 10 years old son called Devon, we live in the Netherlands, Europe. I love (American) cars ever since I can remember. But since I've got arthroses joints disease I'm homebound most of the time, and that's why I started collecting car emblems, it became a full time hobby, I try to purchase them by trading them for other collector things like license plates, business cards, European coins, magazines, cd-roms even shot glasses and Dutch booze. Alumcan helped me with collecting by sending some real great DeSoto script emblems, Chrysler New Yorker script, and other beautifull Mopars emblems, also biker magazines and a bottle of real West Virginia moonshine.

Sometimes it's like an International swap meet, people sending me emblems, in return I'm gathering collector stuff together for them, I'm trading coins with a man from Pennsylvania, license plates with a man from Indiana, business cards with people from Louisiana, BMW things with a man from California and many others. Maybe it's an idea to start an Interactive Swap Meet on your web-site. People can scan the things they want to trade, and send pictures from the things they want for it in return, it won't be like E-Bay because there's no money involved.

 My collection is huge, on the walls of attic I've about 14 square meters filled with the nicest emblems (see attached pictures), the more usual cars like Volvo, Fiat, Peugeot and the Japanese emblems I keep in shoe boxes, because I don't have room to display them all right now. Because I don't have room to display them all, I wrote a letter to the mayor of the little village we live in a few weeks ago, what the possibilities are to start an emblems museum, but he didn't respond yet, oh well it's still early. I'm nominated to be in the Guinness Book of Records because I've got 2541 different emblems right now, of course I'm very proud of it.

My oldest emblem is from a Dodge Brothers DB Six from 1914, but I've got some more antique emblems. What I wanted to ask your visitors: Does anyone have an old, slightly damaged Chrysler 300, 300B, C, D, E, F, G, H, or J emblem, or an Imperial emblem, left for me ? Just an old one you cannot use on a car, one you would have thrown away, I can display it in my collection, and if all goes the way I want things to happen, I can display it in my museum in the future.

There are often people visiting us to look at my collection, last week we even had visitors from Belgium coming by to look at my collected emblems, this man brought me 2 Bitter emblems, ever heard about Bitter sportscars ? They are real nice, they look better than Ferrari's. I will be very pleased if you put my letter it in the discusion forum. Kind Regards, and lots of great Mopar miles

Marc Veenhuis Boomgaard
10 7021 KZ Velswijk - Zelhem
Holland / The Netherlands