Opinions: Radiator - replacement or re-conditioned original?

From: Dave Lisiecki
Email: davel@patriotfire.com
Date: November 05, 2001


Hello - after lurking this site for a few years I finally got my '60 Windsor this last year. I'm so happy. This is probably only my second post since then. Please forgive me if it's a frequently-asked question... For some reason my Windsor ('60 383 auto w/ AC) was missing the radiator. Would you recommend finding an original radiator and have it gone through, or rebuilt, or is there a source for relatively decent looking and decent fitting radiators? I found a decent repop for my '71, which aside from no number stamped on the tank, it was fine. Although I'd like original, I'd like to be able to drive it without much worry or surprises. Any opinions out there? Thanks.