57 DeSoto Firesweep Sportsman

From: Jessica Hendricks
Email: Mopargirlie_63@yahoo.com
Date: November 10, 2001


My husband and I have a highly neglected 57 DeSoto Firesweep Sportsman 4 dr HT. We passed the car a few months ago when it was located in the far back corner of a wrecking yard. The car now sits along side of a friends garage, ready for for some tender-lovin repair. Now for my question: The car was robbed of its engine and transmission about a week before we had bought the car. Instead of dropping the correct 325 Poly engine that the Firesweep model is supposed to have, could we possibly drop in a heavier hemi engine? A friend of ours knows a few people w/ possible 392 Hemi hook-ups. We've also found a 57 341 Fireflite Hemi. I understand that these engines are heavier than our plain jane 325, but it would be possible to beef up the suspension to support the extra weight? Any suggestions on how to do so? Jessica