Re: What to look for in a used Forward Look ride?

From: Doo Wop Al
Email: realgone58@hotmail.com
Date: November 21, 2001


My '60 Plymouth 318, which I've decided to keep by the way, gets almost 20 mpg with the stock rear, trans and carb. My wife's Lincoln is much worse than that. Anyway, in a forward look car, if you're looking for a driver, there really is'nt anything to avoid, because they all worked, and they were all cool. Best thing to do is try to find one as close to roadworthy as possible, so you don't have to spend a fortune doing mechanicals to get it moving. You can always do cosmetics while your're driving it. Watch out for rust, especially hidden rust, trunk floors, rockers and floorboards are the weak spots on forwardlookers, plus the obvious spots. '60 and up were unit body construction, save for Imperial. 318 or slant 6 will get you best milage. Those will be found in Dodge and Plymouth lines. Chrysler, DeSoto and Imperial used big blocks and usually 4 bbl carbs. It can also get expensive to find original interior upholstry for these. they are not as "cheap" to do as brand x stuff, but certainly much more appealing and rare. Hope this helps.