Re: How much room underhood does that '59 have?

From: Eric Carlson
Email: sk8bored@qwest.net
Date: November 28, 2001


After a long night with the dart league and Heinkens, I'm going to keep this short. The engine/transaxle in the '59 Tempo sits just behind the front seats, then it leads in the bed (it is a pickup), but front wheel drive. I don't have the bed, but I'm going to make a 'small car' car hauler with it. My friend from England said the drivetrain out to the drums are Austin....and I don't want any of it!!! I like your ideas Daven....but I'm looking for something with more torque, so I can put VW's on the back and go!!! I was thinking '60's Mopar slant six??? I have the room....I can even bring the engine back for the 'mid engine' thing... It's snowing...finally! Eric